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Perfection Stylist Top Picks

By talking to customers day in and day out, the Perfection Stylist has the inside scoop on what women today really want. She has a strong pulse on what’s hot and trending and is always there to give a helping hand to customers in need of diamond advice. Engagement rings are her specialty and she is always in the know about the best options that will fit any woman’s style. From solitaires to three stone engagement rings, Hearts On Fire has a variety of rings you’ll be sure to love for a lifetime. There is no better person to consult for your perfect engagement ring than the Perfection Stylist herself. Her top picks will deliver on style and sparkle every time!

Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace
HOF Teardrop Halo Line Bracelet
Fulfillment Pendant Necklace
HOF Custom Halo Diamond Stud Earrings
Beloved Pendant Necklace
Romantic Kiss in Front of the Eiffel Tower
Triplicity Golden Pendant
Aerial Diamond V Necklace
Aerial Single Diamond Pendant
Obsession Solitaire Pendant Necklace
HOF Custom Halo Drop Earrings
Mini Hoop Earrings
Solitaire Pendant - Three-Prong
Aerial Diamond Drop Ear Vine Earrings
HOF Teardrop halo Pendant
Diamond Bar Single Prong Milgrain Band
HOF Two Diamond Ring
Triplicity Single Diamond Pendant
Fulfillment Stud Earrings
Red Dress 2015
Three-Prong Stud Earrings
Beloved Stud Earrings
Studs - Four-Prong Dream
Fulfillment Round Band
Intermingle Single Right Hand Ring
Lorelei Criss Cross Ring
Triplicity Drop Stud Earrings
Beloved Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings
HOF Enticing Three Row Ring
Awesomest Kiss
Lorelei Crescent Diamond Pendant
Illa Pendant Necklace
Whimsical Open Regal Bracelet
Mini Hoop Earrings
Triplicity Triangle Lariat Necklace
Aerial Eclipse Diamond Earrings
HOF Signature Midi Band
Aerial Triple Diamond Necklace
Triplicity Hoop Earrings
Lorelei Crescent Diamond Earrings
Aerial Eclipse Pendant
Aerial Sol Halo Necklace
HOF Custom Halo Diamond Pendant
Park Bench - Perfect Moments