Shop Halo Diamond Jewelry

There is nothing more dazzling than diamond jewelry with a halo design. From romantic engagement rings, to classic diamond studs and pendants, this beautiful style creates a bold look that is simply unmatched in its radiance. And while halo style jewelry is one of the most popular trends for diamond jewelry today, this vintage, timeless style is expected to stick around for years to come....making it the perfect choice for fashionistas and classic women alike.

And we’re excited to introduce BRAND NEW additions to our halo jewelry collections. Shop all of our beautiful halo styles here!

Aerial Sol Halo Necklace
Fulfillment Pendant Necklace
Inspiration Double Halo Pendant
Beloved Pendant Necklace
Lorelei Bloom Pendant
Lorelei Diamond Floral Pendant
Lorelei Diamond Necklace
Transcend Dream Pendant Necklace
Repertoire Circle Pendant Necklace
Sweet Dream Halo Pendant
Lorelei Bloom Stud Earrings
Inspiration Double Halo Stud Earrings
Lorelei Diamond Floral Earrings
Repertoire Stud Earrings
Transcend Dream Stud Earrings
Inspiration Double Halo Drop Earrings
Fulfillment Diamond Drop Earrings
Lorelei Earrings
Sweet Dream Halo Earrings
Repertoire Select Dream Stackable Ring
Repertoire Select Stackable Ring
Transcend Premier Dream Halo Engagement Ring
Destiny Lace HOF Halo Enagement Ring
HOF Compass Halo Engagement Ring
HOF Double Halo Compass Engagement Ring
HOF Hexagonal Engagement Ring
HOF Hexagonal Engagement Ring - Diamond Band
HOF Hexagonal Split Shank - Diamond Band
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HOF Hexagonal Split Shank Engagement Ring
HOF Signature Custom Halo Engagement Ring
Beloved Open Gallery Engagement Ring
Delight Lady Di Diamond Engagement Ring
Transcend Engagement Ring
Transcend Premier Custom Halo Engagement Ring
Acclaim Engagement Ring
Beloved Open Gallery Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Destiny HOF Halo Engagement Ring
Destiny Teardrop Shape Halo Engagement Ring
Euphoria Custom Halo Engagement Ring
Euphoria Pave Engagement Ring
Euphoria Pave HOF Halo Engagement Ring
Integrity HOF Three Stone Engagement Ring
Lorelei Bloom Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Transcend Premier HOF Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring
Transcend Premier HOF Halo Engagement Ring
Euphoria Dream Pave Engagement Ring
Lorelei Floral Engagement Ring
Transcend Dream Engagement Ring