Sitting Down with Ilaria Lanzoni - Hearts On Fire Director of Design

A two minute video getting to know Hearts On Fire Director of Design, Ilaria Lanzoni - including why she loves her job and an exclusive look into her favorite passions.
Length: (2:11)

Transcript of Video:

Ilaria:  . . . . [Laughs]

Oh, hi! I’m Ilaria. I’m the Design Director at Hearts On Fire. I believe that yes, from the color of my hair, and my skin complexion, you might have guessed already that, yes, I am Italian.

I’m a super fan of Homeland. I’m totally addicted. I watch four--.   five episodes in a row. And now, I can’t –  I can’t wait! I need to catch up with series three.

Boston is a beautiful city. Um, I do love my job. My job is my passion. Designing jewelry so – I cannot ask for anything better than this. So my day, it’s a constant research. I go to the computer, books, magazines. I look what’s going on in the world. What are the new trends are? I’m Instagraming now! [Laughs].

I cannot wake up without my espresso. I love my espresso. [Laughs].

My studio is my cocoon. It’s where everything happens. I work here with my colleague, Gil. You--.  which you don’t see now on camera, but he’s the one that brings all my designs to life. Um, all my designs are on the wall, because I like to surround myself with images. It’s fantastic. It’s an amazing, amazing experience. I get to do what I love the most. I have total freedom. To buy an engagement ring is an experience, and then, the beauty of all of Hearts On Fire rings, is that all of them, they have this secret heart. You always have to look for it. I want to make this experience even more unforgettable. Everything is about details. And details in our engagement rings are not left to the imaginations. We have the most perfectly cut diamonds in the world, and they deserve the most perfectly made rings in the world.

But I’m very lucky. My job is my passion – so I think I am the luckiest designer on the planet.

[Laughs] Ciao! [Laughs] Ciao Ciao! Ciao for now!

Voice in background: Ciao for now