Ilaria on the Lorelei Inspiration

The Inspiration behind The Lorelei Collection at Hearts On Fire.
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Transcript of Video:

Lorelei is the latest collection I designed for Hearts On Fire. The name Lorelei actually comes from German Mythology and it was the name of a beautiful mermaid that was singing from the top of a cliff on a river in Switzerland. We really loved the name because it’s very musical and it represents this beautiful strong and at the same time I would say fragile woman. Actually this collection, its proof that just because we call it fashion collection, it doesn’t mean that the pieces we create are not timeless. Lorelei finds inspiration into an actual fashion moment. Everything nowadays is about lace, flowers, everything is really vibrant, so lace is what got my attention the most. I love the fabric. Its really, its been around forever. It’s really strong and sophisticated, its elegant, and then the challenge creating jewelry, getting inspired by lace was really to create something that has the same feel of likeness, but obviously it had to be less intricate because our diamond had to perform, so the detail I took from the lace is the scalloped edge. And that scalloped edge, really gives the collection,to each piece of the collection actually, a very distinctive and unique, recognizable look. One other important thing to remember and that we love it because it’s perfect for the Hearts On Fire is that Lorelei was the name of a song that Marylyn Monroe obviously sang in a very famous movie and if I do this now, you will recognize it. The song was, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I can’t believe I did that. Anyway, so obviously the name couldn’t be more appropriate for the brand and for the collection.