Ilaria on the Illa Inspiration

The Inspiration behind The Illa Collection at Hearts On Fire.
Length: (1:43)

Transcript of Video:

Hi there, I’m Ilaria and I’m here today to talk to you about Illa which is the first collection I designed for Hearts On Fire and it’s a collection all about stars. There are actually a few reasons why I picked the stars as a main subject. Reason number one, I love stars. Have a look; love it, love it, love it. Reason number two; the first time I saw the Hearts On Fire diamond I was really blown away by the beauty. Our diamond really sparkles like no other diamond in the world, especially in the dark. So they are actually like stars in the night sky. Then, reason number three; Hearts On Fire is well known for its beautiful, classic, timeless diamond jewelry and funny enough there is nothing more fashionable yes but at the same time timeless than a star. And the last reason is that stars are universal. Everybody knows the stars, everybody loves them. They represent success, the represent dreams and who doesn’t have at least one dream in life. So really stars were a must in the Hearts On Fire jewelry. And, by the way if you wonder why Illa, well Illa is me. Illa was my nickname when I was a dreaming little girl and now I am a lucky, grown up woman whose job was and still is one of her dreams. But, I am no different from anyone else so and that’s why every woman deserves an Illa star.