Ilaria on the Copley Inspiration

The Inspiration behind The Copley Collection at Hearts On Fire.
Length: (1:15)

Transcript of Video:

Copley finds inspiration in the beautiful city of Boston. Copley is actually a square in Boston. There is an amazing, beautiful library in Copley Square. And it’s also well known because it’s the finish line of the Boston Marathon. So obviously, when I moved to Boston, and joined Hearts On Fire almost two years ago, I had to find my way around. So, walking around the city, I discovered amazing buildings with the red bricks, with these incredible iron terraces. And the markings on those terraces, really got my attention. And then the collection that I created is actually more gold intensive, which is fairly new for the brand. But the motifs are really the classics of jewelry, because they are circles and hearts. And the gold frame around the diamonds, doesn’t take any attention away from our beautiful diamonds. It actually helps them to stand out. And that gold frame makes every piece of the collection more distinctive, more unique, and also recognizable.