Ilaria on the Aerial Inspiration

The Inspiration behind The Aerial Collection at Hearts On Fire.
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Transcript of Video:


Hi there. Today I’m here to talk about another Heart’s on Fire Collection, Aerial. The name Aerial means originating from the atmosphere, so it’s very easy to guess that what’s inspiring me at the time, are all things present in the air.

 If you think about it, we breathe, so air is life. To me, air is freedom, air is happiness, and I couldn’t think of another, better subject to bring up the beauty of our diamonds.

Look what happens… holding my hand out in the air, the wind blew and then twisted around my fingers and the butterfly came and landed on my hand, so I could capture both of them, and I created a Double Finger Ring....Lucky me, ah

Talking about atmosphere and elements, obviously we cannot forget the rain, I know rainy days are no one’s   favorite, but really, I think the drops are really, really  fascinating and I wanted to capture that Tear Drop Shape,  or  what I call the Hearts on Fire Tears of Happiness. 

They are Tear Drop shapes made with diamonds; actually clustering together 2 Hearts on Fire Diamonds, therefore they sparkle like no other teardrop shape in the world, and the beauty of it is that they are free to move in every piece of jewelry. Therefore they are free to play with the light, and that brings up the beauty of our diamonds even more!

Well, after the rain the sun always shines and as a true, stubborn, Italian designer with perfect skin for it, what can I do, I reach for the sun and created a spiky, circle pendant that is an explosion of light, and I’m actually wearing it because this is my everyday “must wear” pendant. It reminds me that to start the day with a smile is always nicer!

But this is Aerial everyone, I think we all wish that diamonds could materialize from the atmosphere, like in my dreams, but I really hope that you like what I dreamed about and created for you.

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