Real versus Fake Diamonds: Why the Real Thing Is Always the Way to Go

By Charlotte Elizabeth Grainger

As the time approaches to create a lasting union with your special someone, there's just one small detail to iron out. The debate of real versus fake diamonds can often get heated, but here's why the real thing is always the way to go:

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Sure, the two stones can look strikingly similar at times, which is enough for many to question why they would even need a real jewel. However, remember that a diamond is more than an aesthetically pleasing possession—it's a timeless piece of true, effortless sophistication.

At a mere glance, a genuine diamond and a fake may appear similar in style and even effect. However, don't let the simulated version fool you—these two stones actually have very little in common. When it comes to quality, a fake diamond hardly comes close.

You Can't Replicate Brilliance

One thing that sets true diamonds apart from the crowd is the dazzling way they glisten as light hits them. Indeed, the American Gem Trade Association notes genuine diamonds are celebrated for their sheer brilliance. Make no mistake, this is a feature no fake can ever truly replicate.

So, what should you look for when distinguishing between real versus fake diamonds? Contrary to popular belief, the former will never sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. Instead, they shimmer with gray and white tones while casting light outward, according to Business Insider. The effect is simply known as "brilliance," and it's unique to diamonds.

Genuine Diamonds Last Forever

"Diamonds are forever," or so sang the great Shirley Bassey, and those lyrics are absolutely true. When you opt for a real diamond as opposed to a substitute, you can be sure it will stand the test of time. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on the planet, which means they can withstand extreme heat, scratches, and knocks with ease.

On the other hand, when you compare real versus fake diamonds, the difference is obvious. Brushing a substitute against a rough surface will easily damage it, giving it an uneven look. That means fake stones will never have the pure longevity genuine diamonds have. Investing in something that will last is profoundly important.

Investments in Your Future

This is one of the biggest purchases your boyfriend will ever make because it's meant to last a lifetime. This small yet brilliant thing is at once symbolic of your union and an investment in the future you'll share. If there were a right time to devote funds to something special, this is it.

An investment in a genuine diamond at this crucial point in your relationship speaks volumes. In the end, this question of real versus fake diamonds comes down to one thing and one thing alone: an engagement ring is not merely for surface appearances, but it's an emblem of your future together. Thus, it needs to be as genuine as your romance.