Gifts Over $2,600

Dream Signature Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Coupled Multi Diamond Flat Burnish Band 4mm
Lorelei Crescent Earrings
Divine Graceful Cross Pendant
Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace
HOF Double Teardrop Bezel Diamond Band
Illa Circle Cluster Pendant
HOF Signature Bezel Basket Diamond Band
Illa Midnight Diamond Necklace
Divine Mini Cross Pendant
HOF Channel Diamond Band 2.5
Triplicity Triangle Stud Earrings
Fairy Tale Cross Pendant Necklace
Triplicity Drop Pendant
Effervescence Open Cross Pendant
Destiny Pointed Diamond Band
Lorelei Crescent Diamond Pendant
Triplicity Triangle Multi Diam Band 4mm
Aerial Diamond Collar
Destiny Lace Diamond Band
Diamond Bar Coronet Midi Band
Optima Diamond Pendant
Atlantico Tri Color Necklace
Triplicity Pointed Line Necklace
HOF Teardrop Halo Drop Earrings
Distinguished Channel Ring
HOF Teardrop halo Pendant
Aerial Triple Diamond Necklace
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Triplicity Diamond Line Necklace
Truly Triple Row Right Hand Ring
Brielle Curved Diamond Band
HOF Two Diamond Ring - Diamond Band
Euphoria Dream Pave Engagement Ring
Simply Bridal Beaded Engagement Ring
HOF Timeless Two Row Ring
Aerial Elegance Necklace
HOF Double Bezel Regal Hoops
Temptation Three-Prong Necklace
Lorelei Lariat Necklace
Destiny Twist Diamond Band
Lorelei Fringe Diamond Ear Cuff
Euphoria Pave Band
Gracious Bezel Diamond Band
Lorelei Open Drop Diamond Earrings
Triplicity Small Hoop Earrings
Lorelei Chandelier Diamond Cuff
Euphoria Pave Engagement Ring
Triplicity Triangle Lariat Necklace
Illa Diamond Stud Earrings
Lorelei Interlocking Ring
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Copley Single Diam Band 5mm
Lorelei Ribbon Diamond Line Necklace
Triplicity Pointed Diamond Ring
Aerial Diamond Pendant
Mini Hoop Graduated Earrings
Intermingle Single Right Hand Ring
HOF Custom Halo Diamond Pendant
Aerial Cross Over Right Hand Ring
Evolution of Perfection
HOF Regal Bezel Diamond Ring
HOF Two Diamond Ring
Illa Cosmic Ring
Coupled Eternity Band 4mm
Cali Chic Diamond Band
Whimsical Cross Pendant Necklace
HOF Signature Diamond Band
Aerial Pointed Diamond Drop Earrings
Significance Curved Diamond Band
Lost In Fun
Destiny Pointed Metal Band
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Lorelei Double Link Wave Ring
HOF Channel Diamond Eternity Band 2.0
Triplicity Drop Ear Vines
HOF Channel Diamond Band 2.0
Aerial Diamond V Necklace
Lorelei Criss Cross Ring
Fulfillment Half Moon Pendant
Aerial Elegance Chandelier Earrings
Lorelei Interlocking Heart Bracelet
Charmed Anchor Pendant
Triplicity Golden Earrings
Whimsical Double Row Line Bracelet
Triplicity Tassel Drop Necklace
Triplicity Pointed Drop Earrings
Coupled Encompass Band 4mm
Aerial Teardrop Double Ring - Diamond Intensive
Illa Open Comet Ring
Illa Single Diamond Comet Necklace
Lorelei Crescent Diamond Earrings
Desire Diamond Band
Charmed Cross Pendant
Deco Chic Band to match Bezel DER's
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Lorelei Floral Midi Band
Awesomest Kiss
Copley Tassel Diamond Bracelet
Aerial Sol Halo Necklace
HOF Custom Halo Diamond Stud Earrings
HOF Signature Off-Set Triple Bezel Necklace
Aerial Victorian Drop Necklace
Lorelei Chandelier Diamond Earrings
HOF Enticing Three Row Ring
Janie Bryant wearing the Copley Right Hand Ring and the Illa Cluster Stud Earrings
Lorelei Diamond Necklace
HOF Custom Halo Drop Earrings
Whimsical Chandelier Earrings
Illa Triple Cosmic Ring
Optima Single Diamond Drop Earrings
HOF Channel Diamond Eternity Band 2.85
Lorelei Interlocking Diamond Heart Necklace
Atlantico Wave Cuff
Fulfillment Heart Pendant
Lorelei Inspiration
Effervescence Hoop Earrings
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HOF Bezel Regal Hoops
Copley Multi Diam Band 4mm
Lorelei Ribbon Diamond Bracelet
Transcend Premier HOF Halo Engagement Ring
Triplicity Pointed Line Bracelet
Aerial Diamond Right Hand Ring
Lorelei Crescent Diamond Drop Earrings
HOF Teardrop Bezel Diamond Band
Copley Bezel Right Hand Ring
Lorelei Diamond Floral Pendant
HOF Enchantress Ring
HOF Trend Pointed Earring Jackets
Elle TV
Triplicity Open Bezel Band
Copley Tassel Diamond Necklace
HOF Two Row Channel Diamond Band
Whimsical Heart Pendant Necklace
Brielle Curved Split Shank Band matches
Aerial Double Ring - Diamond Intensive
Lorelei Bloom Diamond Band
HOF Trend Charmed Star & Moon Earring
Fairy Tale Cross Pendant Necklace
Destiny Diamond Band
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Lorelei Chandelier Diamond Line Necklace
Lost In Fun
Beloved Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings
Atlantico Wave Diamond Band
Effervescence Diamond Cross Pendant
Triplicity Drop Necklace
Coupled Encompass Diamond Intensive Band
Atlantico Triple Wave Diamond Ring
HOF Signature Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Diamond Wedding Bands 1
Simply Bridal Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring
Intertwining Midi Band
Illa Midnight Diamond Bracelet
Aerial Petal Open Drop Earrings
Triplicity Line Necklace
HOF Signature Solitaire Engagement Ring
Whimsical Open Regal Bracelet
Coupled Single Diamond Flat Burnish Band 4mm
Aerial Diamond Drop Ear Vine Earrings
Behind the Scenes
Triplicity Single Diamond Pendant
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Lorelei Diamond Infinity Earrings - Small
Destiny Lace Twist Eternity Band
Lorelei Floral Eternity Band
Lorelei Bloom Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Coupled Encompass Triple Row Band 6mm
Destiny Twist Metal Band
HOF Bezel Regal Triple Hoops
Triplicity Drop Stud Earrings
HOF Regal Two Diamond Ring
Triplicity Pointed Necklace
Divine Journey Cross Pendant Necklace
Aerial Single Diamond Pendant
1 Carat
Triplicity Golden Necklace
HOF Classic Double Row Band
Effervescence Diamond Line Earrings
HOF Signature Beaded Metal Band
Cali Chic Band Matches SplitShank DER
Copley Bangle
Fulfillment Hearts Band
HOF Horseshoe Necklace
Optima Double Circle Diamond Necklace
Optima Double Circle Necklace
Hearts On Fire Diamonds Display a Natural Phenomenon of Light. Click Here to See Why.
Effervescence Diamond Stud Earrings
Ilaria Speaks about the Inspiration behind the Illa Collection
Aerial Diamond V Drop Earrings
Aerial Victorian Halo Drop Earrings
Illa Diamond Open Comet Ring
Triplicity Drop Earrings
Coupled Simplicity Diamond Band 4mm
Triplicity Fringe Necklace
Triplicity Triangle Double Diam Band 4mm
Lost In Fun
Aerial Double Ring
HOF Signature Off-Set Five Bezel Necklace
HOF Channel Diamond Eternity Band 2.5
Aerial Diamond Drop Earrings
Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle
HOF Bezel Diamond Band
Effervescence Graceful Cross Necklace
Coupled Multi Diamond Round Burnish B and 4mm
Charmed Horizontal Beaded Cross Necklace
Awesomest Kiss
Triplicity Diamond Collar
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Triplicity Pointed Bracelet
Diamond Bar Single Prong Milgrain Midi Band
Aerial Four Row Right Hand Ring
Distinguished Diamond Ring Sandblast
Adoration Diamond Band
Intertwining Diamond Right Hand Ring
Illa Cluster Stud Earrings
Multiplicity Love Seven-Stone Band
Illa Cosmic Bangle
Aerial Diamond Ear Vine Earrings
Illa Cosmic Double Finger Ring
Coupled Single Diamond Round Burnish Band 4mm
Ignite Something
Lorelei Right Hand Ring
Three-Prong Stud Earrings
Triplicity Triangle Double Diam Band 6mm
Illustrious Twist Diamond Band
HOF Hexagonal Curved Diamond Band
Effervescence Diamond Pendant
Copley Pave Stud Earrings
Coupled Encompass Band 6mm
Copley Bezel Drop Earrings
Lorelei Diamond Right Hand Ring
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Deco Chic Band to match DRM Halo Ring
Lost In Fun
Fulfillment Round Band
HOF Diamond Horseshoe Necklace
Triplicity Hoop Earrings
Coupled Encompass Diamond Line Band 4mm
HOF Channel Diamond Band 2.85
Optima Single Diamond Hoop Earrings
HOF Teardrop Halo Double Drop Earrings
Ilaria Speaks about the Inspiration behind the Copley Collection
Effervescence Diamond band
Aerial Regal Scroll Earring Jackets
HOF Regal Diamond Ring
HOF Pointed Diamond Band
Copley Bezel Necklace
Illa Right Hand Ring
Lorelei Diamond Interlocking Ring
Triplicity Golden Cuff
HOF Teardrop Halo Line Bracelet
Romantic Kiss in Front of the Eiffel Tower
Acclaim Engagement Ring
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Copley Pave Pendant Necklace
Beloved Necklace
Fulfillment Pendant Necklace
Triplicity Triangle Drop Earrings
HOF Signature Midi Band
Lorelei Chandelier Diamond Necklace
Aerial Teardrop Double Ring
Multiplicity Love Five-Stone Band
HOF Signature Off-Set Single Bezel Necklace
Destiny Lace Twist Band
Optima Single Diamond Pendant
Lorelei Diamond Floral Earrings
Awesomest Kiss
Beloved Cluster Diamond Pendant
Beloved Stud Earrings
Triplicity Circle Pendant
Atlantico Wave Line Necklace
Optima Four Station Diamond Bangle
Lorelei Interlocking Heart Necklace
HOF Compass Diamond Band
Lorelei Triple Wave Diamond Ring
Effervescence Line Necklace
Triplicity Fringe Earrings
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Lorelei Bloom Pendant
Lost In Fun
Optima Diamond Drop Earrings
Illa Diamond Band
Copley Diamond Bracelet
Transcend Premier Custom Halo Engagement Ring
Optima Single Diamond Cord Bracelet
Aerial Eclipse Pendant
Triplicity Triangle Pendant
Awesomest Kiss
Lorelei Floral Diamond Band
Beloved Line Bracelet
Triplicity Fringe Bracelet
Illa Comet Pendant
Aerial Cluster Pendant
HOF Small Bezel Diamond Hoops
Transcend Premier Curved Diamond Band
Cali Chic Diamond Accent Band
Lorelei Diamond Criss Cross Ring
Lost In Fun
HOF Bezel Diamond Eternity Band
Perfection Personified. Click Here to See Why.
Coupled Encompass Triple Row Band 4mm
Cali Chic Rope Diamond Band
Lorelei Diamond Collar
Amorous Journey Heart Pendant Necklace
Triplicity Double Pointed Ring
HOF Large Bezel Diamond Hoops
Charmed Half Moon Pendant
Euphoria Diamond Band
Deco Chic Milgrain Band
Aerial Victorian Bypass Diamond Ring
Triplicity Single Pointed Ring
Aerial Victorian Halo Drop Necklace
Lost In Fun
Lorelei Diamond Bracelet
HOF Hexagonal Diamond Band
Right Hand Ring, Triple-Row Eternity Band
Triplicity Golden Pendant
Transcend Premier Diamond Band
Aerial Victorian Line Necklace