Hearts On Fire Media Library

Hearts On Fire is The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. It’s a simple and bold statement, but sometimes words just don’t do enough. Sometimes there is no perfect way to explain the brilliant difference of Hearts On Fire.
To us, we like to see the difference. That’s why this video library includes everything you would want to know about the culture, history, passion and perfection of Hearts On Fire, from our amazing Evolution of Perfection animation, to our world renowned architectural collection and Red Carpet moments.

So take a look, and enjoy the visual side of Hearts On Fire.

Brand Videos

Best Diamonds
Always the Best (2:29)
Elle WITV 2015
Elle Women In Television 2015 (2:28)
Sitting Down with Ilaria Lanzoni
Sitting Down with Ilaria Lanzoni - Hearts On Fire Director of Design (2:11)
Inspiration behind the Atlantico Collection
Ilaria on the Atlantico Inspiration (1:13)
Inspiration behind the Copley Collection
Ilaria on the Copley Inspiration (1:15)
Inspiration behind the Illa Collection
Ilaria on the Illa Inspiration (1:43)
Inspiration behind the Lorelei Collection
Ilaria on the Lorelei Inspiration (2:05)

Press Videos

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TV Commercials

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Other Videos

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